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In this article, we will briefly describe when the life of the project started its journey and what steps we overcame right at the start. In September 2017, the development of the KZCASH project began. This month was difficult, because the team were been forming, and the best of the best programmers, developers, marketers, designers were selected.
Our team is gathered from different parts of the globe. Each team member has a huge experience behind him, years, and some of them even decade of practice.
In October, the KZCASH team has launched a Blockchain.
In November, the first KZC listing was made at https://btc-alpha.com. Right after that, almost at the early beginning the project was presented at the International Cryptocurrency Exhibition in Warsaw. For us it was the first exhibition to which we were preparing with a special tremor.
After the exhibition, the project attracted a huge attention from investors, other projects have begun looking at us. Of course they were glad, but as there was a lot of work to do, we were enjoying it only just a couple of hours and then continued working. In December, the KZCash project joined the Kazakhstan Association of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, and since then has become a full member of KABC. Also in December KZC appeared on monitoring lists such as masternodes.online;
By that time the number of Masternodes reached 400+, and capitalization reached 15 ++ million, and the Community grew to 10,000.
But it was only more than 4 months ago. A lot of work has been done and more needs to be done.

We work for the Community.

We work for the community !

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