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Dear Community!

Following our strategy we decided to enlarge and deepen directions of technical development of our project. Our reserve, great support and initiative of our Community, desire to be one of the most advanced blockchain-projects in the region and in the world have motivated us to create additional Fund for Research and Development. The Team allocates from OWN RESERVE 200,000 USD for projects and research aimed to improve KZCash network. Any talented developer or group can apply with own proposal. The directions can be of any kind – software development, hardware support, newest marketing technologies and fundamental research in blockchain.

Interested persons can apply to office@kzcash.kz
Please include in Your application letter:

Your relevant experience
Project’s goal, expected benefit for the KZCash network
Necessary financing (maximum 50 000 USD per 1 project) and general plan
Expected timeframe
Possibilities and criteria for independent results expertise
Any reasonable proposals will be published for Community discussion after preliminary check. Final decisions to be made together with the Community.

We work and will work for the Community!

We work for the community !

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